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Opputu which is also known as Poli among many people is like a different kind of stuffed sweet chappathi made of maida /all purpose flour.

Like stuffed chappathi

flatten using hand


1. Channa dal - 200g

2. Jaggery - 1 cup (Powder it and keep)

3. Maida/All purpose flour - 2 cups

4. Oil and Salt as needed


1. Pressure cook Dal for 4 to 5 whistels.Dal has to be well cooked.

2. When cooker is cool open and drain the water from dal. Switch on the stove again and add jaggery .Mix and mash well with spoon .

If you are not able to mash well grind it and keep but remember that it should not be watery. If it is watery make it thick by heating and stirring in low heat for a little while.

3. Add a pinch of salt to maida and knead it smoothly.

4. Make gooseberry sized balls with dough and roll that into chappathi keep the stuffing inside again fully close it and roll it again into chappthi . To get idea idea see stuffed chappathi

Make a chappathi with dough. Keep enough stuffing inside.Close it by pulling the edges together and press it with hand /palm to make it flat.

5. Heat a griddle, put the poli and add ghee or oil and cook both sides.


If you feel bored to cook dal or you want poli in a different way ,then fry shredded coconut (what you will get in Indian stores) and jaggery together bu sprinkling few drops of water and use that as stuffing.


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