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This is second christmas for us in US. I thought of celebrating it with my Friend Virusali's family.We both planned to bake cake for christmas and cutting it. Since because our kids are not well we couldn't make it. In the afternoon It was raining and boring. We were not able to go out also. So, I thought of making/baking cake. Long back I saw this recipe in Sudha's blog she used electric mixers,proper baking pans etc. I took once the ingredients from her and made in my own style.We cutted the cake and celebrated the christmas.My Kid was the first to taste my first cake and she liked a lot.


1.All purpose flour - 2 cups

2.Baking powder - 2tsp

3.Salt - 1/2 tsp

4.Unsalted Butter,Softened - 1 stick(1/2 cup) (or buttery taste)

5.Sugar - 1 cup

6.Large Eggs - 3 large

7.Whole Milk - 3/4 cup


1. Preheat oven to 350°F.

2. In a big bowl mix flour, baking powder, and saltl.

3. Beat butter , sugar ,eggs ,milk in Mixi until all gets mixed well.

4. Pour this into Bowl in which you have mixed flour

5. Mix the batter well by stirring atleast for 5 mins until it becomes soft with out and unmixed flour bubbles.

6. Coat aluminium foil trays (or baking pans) with butter and put two spoons of flour and make thin coating above butter coating

7. Then spread the batter evenly in pan and bake the cake in middle of oven for about 20 to 25 minutes.

8. Cool for 5mins and then take the cake out.


Chocolate cake

If you like chocolate cake then melt some chocolates which is your favourite and add to to above cake batter and mix throughly and then bake as told.


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