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Hope you all have enjoyed Pongal (The Harvest Festival). This year we celebrated our Pongal with our friends.I am happy since I got Sugarcane too this year in Grandmart.Here is how I will make Sweet / Sarkarai Pongal. I did celebrate Harvest festival of America (Thanks giving too) this year.That day we had Turkey feast.

Sweet/Sarkarai pongal is in bowl


1. Raw rice - 1cup

2. Moong dhal - 1/2 cup

3. Vellam /jaggery (powder it) -1 cup

4. Cashewnuts as needed (atleast 2 tsp)

5. Ghee/oil - 5 tsp

6. Dry grapes/Raisins -10


1. Cook and dhal together in Pressure cooker with 4 cups of water atleast for 5 whistles.

2. When it is done leave for 5 mins till steam goes away.In the mean time heat 50 ml of water
in one pan and add Jaggerry powder and melt it.

3.Open the Pressure cooker when it cooled completely.Add the melted jaggery into it.
switch on the gas stove keep in low flame for 5 mins .Stir well so that melted jagerry gets mixed well.

4.Side by side heat ghee in kadai and fry cashewnuts and dry grapes/Raisins if it is done add to Pongal rice.

5.Now your Pongal is ready for serving.


If you don't have jaggery then try this with Brown sugar. In that case no need to melt sugar
directly you can add the powder into the cooked rice.


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