POTATO BONDA / Urulaikizhangu Bonda

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Potato bonda is a simple one.First you need to make mashed potato stuffing. If you have left out Poori masala made of potato just make it dry by keeping stove and frying for few minutes and you can make masala dosa or potato bonda as a snack with that masala.

Potato bonda


1. Boiled and mashed potatoes

2. Onion finelly chopped

3. Green chilli /chilli powder (your preference)

4. curry leaves and corrianderleaves chopped

5. salt

6.Turmeric powder

7. pinch of garam masala



1.Pour 1 tsp of oil

2. Add chopped onions ,chillies and fry

3. Add curry and corriander leaves

4. Add all powders ,salt and mashed potato.

5. Fry without water for 5 mins and makes balls out of the masala.

6. Roll balls over bajji batter and deep fry in oil.

Ingredients for Batter

1. Besan Flour /Kadalamavu - 1 cup

2. salt as need

3. Little appa soda if you have (sodium bicorbonate) and color powder.If you don't have color powder add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder because the besan which we are getting in US is not giving very good color like Indian Kadalamavu.

Preparation of batter

1. Mix all the ingredients together well by adding little water so that it will be in idli/dasa batter consistency



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