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Are you feeling bored to eat same type of food again and again ? Letz try somithing different which is easy to make, Colorful , kids and adults will love this which is made with grated Carrot and seasoned with Indian spices.

Masala Idli


1. Idli batter

2. Curry leaves and coriander leaves handful chopped finely.

3. Grated Carrot, Boiled peas

4. Grated Ginger 1 tsp

5. Finely chopped green chilli

6. Oil or Ghee 1 tsp

7. Mustard, Urad dal, Channa dal for seasoning.

8. Hing/turmeric powder little


1. In Idli batter, mix 3/4 of grated Carrot, Peas, Curry leaves, Coriander leaves, Chopped ginger.

2. Heat oil and season with Mustard, Urad dal, Channa dal and Hing, pour the seasoning over Idli batter and mix gently.

3. In a greased Idli plate, sprinkle remaining grated Carrot on each pit and on top of it pour Idli batter

4. Steam till the Idli is cooked.


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