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You might have heard about many cutlets using different vegetables. But cutlet using semiya is a different one. Savorit is a brand of semiya/vermicelli.Near dindugal I used to see the Savorit semiya company whenever I used to pass that way (on the way to Trichi-where I did my college).One day I was searching something and suddenly I saw the Savorit verimilli recipes in the net.Suddenly a flash of my past memory came so I clicked that site and I got this recipe from there. I have altered the recipe a little bit.



1.Vermicelli /Semiya -1 cup (cup which comes along with rice cooker)

2. Bread crums as needed (if you don't have crums the take 2 slices of bread)

3.Potatoes medium -1 (boiled and mashed)

4.Green Chillies -3

5.Coriander Leaves and curry leaves -2 tsp (finelly chopped)

6.Onion - 3(finely chopped)

7.Salt and oil as required


1.Boil water in a container. Add vermicelli and little salt and cook for 2 to 3 mins and drain the excess water and keep aside.

2. In a bowl add cooked vermicelli, mashed potato, onion , chillies, curry and corriander leaves and a pinch of salt.Mix them all together.

With Bread slices

Soak bread in water for 1 minute, squeeze out the water and mash it and add to the above mixture.

Knead them well. Shape them into balls and flatten them and deep fry them in oil.

With Bread crums

Make ball using the mixture. Take bread crums in plate.Roll the ball over the bread crums then flatten the ball and deep fry in oil.


At 5:51 PM, Blogger Latha Narasimhan said...

Thanks for the recipe anitha. I am preparing this for a friendship chain! will let you know! :)


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