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My place is near to Palani where lord Muruga is sitting on a small mountain.Lord Muruga is considered as Tamil god(Tamil Kadavul). Every month on the day of Karthigai lot of people used to visit this temple. This is almost common with every people. My mom also used to visit every month.When I have holiday she used to take me too. Otherwise she will go and while coming she used to bring me this Cabbage Bonda (really big one)from one hotel .All these were in my 12 - 15 yrs. After that for some reasons she used to go whenever she finds time and I too forgot asking for Bondas. That cabbage Bonda was the base for my today's recipe cabbage pakoda. I usually make with out rice flour but my anni (Mallika) told me to add rice flour too. It came more crispy than before so now-a-days I started adding rice flour too.

Again ,for this recipe I am not mentioning quantities since there is no hard and fast rule in making this.



1. Cabbage cut length wise.It should like thin lengthy strips

2. Equal or little more/less onions cutted as lenghty strips

3. Besan / Kadalamavu

4. Rice flour (Besan 1 cup means rice flour 1/2 cup)

5. chilli powder

6. Salt and oil as needed


1. Mix all together by adding little water.It consistency should be like in the picture .

2. Don't concentrate on shapes simple spill the mix in oil and deep fry it.


You can make bonda's too with same mixture (if necessary add little more water) but for that make small rounds with mixture and fry in oil.


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