In South India Rasam normally forms the second course in menu. There are various ways of preparing it. It is normally mixed with white rice/plain cooked rice and eaten with different poriyals/curries for sidedish. Making Rasam is very simple and will be prepared in five mins. Rasam made with Dal water tastes good when compared to rasam made with plain water.



1. Toor dal - 2 tsp.

2. Tomato -1/2 or one small

3. Tamarind -very little(nellikkaisize / Gooseberry size)

4. Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp

5. Garlic -2 cloves

6. Red chilli - 2

7. Oil -1 tsp

8. Curry leaves,corriander leaves,salt - as needed

9. Sambar powder -1/2 tsp

10. Rasampowder - 1/4 tsp

Preparation of Dal water

1. Cook dal with little turmeric powder ,tomato , one clove garlic by adding more water.
(mash dal well with water and make dal water)

Rasam Mixture

To dal water made by cooking dal add tamarind juice ,sambar powder,pinch of chiili powder(if needed),
Rasam Powder, salt and check the taste


1. Pour 1 tsp of oil.

2. Grate another garlic clove and add that to oil

3. Saute Mustard seed,curry leaves,corriander leaves and redchilli

4. Add above prepared
Rasam Mixture

5. When it is ready to boil switch of the gas and your rasam is ready.

Rasam Powder

1. Pepper -2 tsps

2. Jeera- 3 tsp

Grind it together and keep.


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