To clean copper pots, sprinkle a little salt, rub with the cut side of a halved lemon and rinse with water.

Fish smell tends to linger on the pots and pans long after the cooking. Brew some tea (for ten to fifteen minutes) in the pot/pan in which fish has been cooked. Discard tealeaves and water. Fish smell will disappear.

Used milk glasses should be rinsed with cold water instead of hot water before washing, as hot water cooks the milk and makes them harder to clean.

For cleaning vessels add a handful of common salt to the washing powder for better results.

Soak burnt pans in a solution of ammonia and water, for an hour. Clean with used lemon and then with soap and water. They will sparkle again.

To remove tea or coffee stains from pots or cups, rub the stained area with a little salt and rinse afterwards.

To remove unpleasant odours from the oven, place a wide pan with warm water to which used tealeaves have been added and leave it to stand in the oven for some time. Even a bowl of warm water with vinegar or lemon juice does the trick.

To cut grease and odour on dishes, add a tablespoon of vinegar to hot soapy water.

You can clean darkened aluminum pans easily by pouring in two teaspoons cream of tartar mixed in some of water. Place on heat and boil for 10 minutes.

To unclog a drain, mix a cup of salt with a cup of baking soda. Pour these into the drain, and then add a pot of boiling water.

If you drop an egg on the floor, cover it with salt an let it remain like this for a couple of minutes. You will be able to easily clean the mess with a paper towel.


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