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Before learning to make corriander chutney I always think Corriander/Cilantro leaves are used only for garnishing since it gives good flavour to recipe. After learning how to make chutney,rice with it now I am using it fully in variety of ways.This corriander chutney really goes well with Idli and dosa's.

During my MCA my friend Edith Linda used to bring small buns for lunch sometimes.I was surpried to see instead of jam or buttter in the middle she used to bring with Corriander chutney. It was too good .If corriander chutney is in refrigerator one or two buns and little chutney will save your time of making breakfast when you are not feeling well or some other cases.

Cilantro chutney


1. corriander leaves - a bunch

2. green chillies - 4

3. tamrind paste - 1/2 tsp

4. grated cocount - 2tsp

5. channa dal -1 tsp

6. urudal - 1 tsp

7. salt as per taste

8. oil -1 tsp


1.Wash and clean the corriander leaves.

2. Pour oil in pan and heat.

3. Fry channa dal and urudal till it becomes goldenbrown.

4. Add corriander leaves to it and fry well

5. Before switching off add coconut and tamarind paste

6. Grind it till chutney turns smooth.


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