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Toor dal is the most widely used dal in India. This slightly sweet, nutty flavored lentil is highly digestible. This South Indian staple is included in sambar and rasam soup. In North India ,Chappathi and Dal is very common food.During my pregnency I was in India.In US my hubbies roomate was North Indian.He used to cook Chappthi and Dal.After having his combination my hubby likes this combination a lot than others.This is simple to make.


1. Toor dal - 1 cup

2. Zeera - 1 tsp

3. Curry leaves as required

4. oil -1 tsp

5. Onion small size - 1

6. Green chillies - 4

7. Garam masala - 1/2 tsp

8. Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp

9. Salt to taste


1. Cook dal with turmeric powder and salt by adding 3 cups of water in pressure cooker . When it is done mash it with spoon and keep aside.

2. Pour oil in tava.Saute zeera and add curry leaves

3. Add cutted onions,lengthwise split green chillies,garam masala and fry well till odur goes away

4. Add the fried contents to dal.

5.If you want Garnish with Corriander leaves.


Easy way is to saute all in pressure cooker pan first then to it add dal,salt,turmeric powder,water and keep for 4 -5 whistles.


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