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Chappathi’s which my mom used to make are soft and good sometimes but consistency is not there. I used think people from Tamilnadu cannot make good chapathis like North Indians. In south Indian homes at least one time we might have had fight between our teeth and chappathi's.
I remember sometimes my husband waged a war between his teeth and my Chappathi! It was very embarrassing for me that time.I could not make a decent Chappathi....It was very upsetting for me in those early days of my marriage...I was frantically looking for tips and clues to make my Chappathi softer.

After discussing with my friends Maitri goel (North Indian) and Geetha ( Karnataka) who makes really really good chappathis. I have realized some of my mistakes they are:

1. The dough which we are making for chappathi should not be hard. I used to think if dough is little loose kind of, it will stick and pressing it will be difficult .So, I used to make tough doughs.That was my first mistake.

2. Secondly, I won't use flour while pressing into chappathi's instead I used oil which is very simple. No flours are scattered here and there etc.

3. Thirdly we should not over cook chappathi's.

After correcting my mistakes, my Chappathi too puffs up.....I have to eat it hot after 3 hours it will become hard when compared to the softness when it is hot.

Six months back I went to North Carolina to meet two of my Brothers. My Sister-in-law Mallika who is in Winson Salem was making chappathi for dinner one day. I was standing nearby I saw her adding OLIVE OIL. I asked her why she is adding olive oil. She told me it will make chappathi’s soft. What she said is true.The chappathi's are so soft. When you have remaining chappathi’s on next day, the same softness is there.

Now, very good chappathi maker. No more war between teeth and chappathi's in my house now a days. I am bold enough to serve anybody my Chappathis!!


1. Wheat flour - 2 cups

2. Salt - 1/2 teaspoon

3.Olive oil-1 tsp


1.Take wheat flour,olive oil and add salt. Slowly add and mix well. Knead into medium soft dough.

2. Cover the dough with cloth and leave it for half an hour.

3.Then make this flour into even sized balls, and roll them out with a chappathi roller on a board by adding flour occasionally (So that they do not stick to the board).

4.Heat a dosa tawa. Cook the chappathis one by one when the tawa is hot and dry. Add a tsp of oil along the edges. The chappathi will pop up. Turn over once and cook other side also.

Side dish


1. Chappathi dal

2. Channa Masala

3. Mixed Vegetable curry

Non veg

1.Chicken Gravy

2.Hot and spicy chicken gravy


Olive oil keeps chappathi very soft.Next day also the same softness will be there.


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