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In TamilNadu venpongal with Coconut chutney and moong dal sambar is very common.I remember when I was young and my mother would ask which Dal you would like to eat today, our reply used to be the 'black Dal', 'green Dal', 'yellow Dal', 'pink Dal', 'white Dal' and so on.There are so many types and varieties of Dals and sure we didn't know all the names.

Moong dal in particular is very easy to digest.Split yellow moong dal (pesara pappu) are tiny lentils that have been split and de-hulled; they cook up super-fast with no need for soaking or pressure cooking.This moong dal sambar not only goes well with VenPongal but also with Idlis and Dosa's.If you use pressure cooker to cook moong dal then this sambar will be made in 5 mins.



1. Moong dal - 1 cup

2. Tomato small size -1

3. Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp

4. Garlic cloves - 1

5. chilli powder - 1/2 tsp

6. Salt to taste

For seasoning

1. oil -1 tsp

2. Mustard -1/4 tsp

3. Curry leaves and corriander leaves as required

4. Onion small size - 1

5. Green chillies - 4


1. Cook dal with turmeric powder,tomato,garlic,chilli powder and salt by adding 4 cups of water in pressure cooker .

2. When it is done mash it with spoon and keep aside.

3. Pour oil in tava.Saute Mustard and add curry leaves

3. Add cutted onions,lengthwise split green chillies and fry well till onion becomes golden brown.

4. pour dal into kadai and keep for 5 mins in stove.

5. Garnish with Corriander leaves.


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