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After completing my 5th standard annual exams for that vacation my dad took us tour to many places in Kerala.We saw cochin too in that trip.There only I had Kushka for the first time.Those days I don't know much varieties. Since this names seems to be different and not a usual name it got a place in my mind. After that I didn't have chance to eat Kushka.When I was in 10th standard our tenent cooked kushka one day but I am not much impressed with it. After someyears when I was browsing I saw the easy way of making Kushka "Actually a spicy rice I can say".Still that kushka is not like the Kushka what I had in Cochin I like it because it has a different but good taste.


1.Basmati Rice : 1 cup

2.Mint : 1 bunch

3.Onions : 1

4.Ginger-garlic paste : 1 tsp

5.green Chillies : 4

6. salt : as needed

7.Cinnamon,cloves,bayleaves : 2 each

8.Butter/Ghee/oil : 2 tbsp


1.Soak Basmati Rice in water for on hour then dain the rice and fry it for 5 mins in low flame.

2.Pour oil in tava , add cinnamon,cloves,bayleaves one by one

3.Add Mint leaves and fry it

4.when itz half done add onions(length wise cutted) and fry

5.Add ginger-garlic paste and fry

6.Keep rice,one and a half cup water and fried things and salt in rice cooker


Soak rice in rice in water for half an hour then drain it and fry the rice in dry tavaThis will help the rice to come lengthy(will not break) when it is cooked.


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