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During my childhood birthday's, along with Cake my mum used to make Kesari.I used to wear new dress (especially I like pattu/Silk skirts) and carry chocolates,Cakes and kesari to my neighbour's palces.I used to get pinches and kisses back.

I am from south India, Tamil Nadu. Itz our tradition to give guests the sweets first when they are coming for the first time.So when I have no sweets at home I used to make Kesari since it is a easy-to-make recipe.

Kesari is an easily made, low cost, delicious dessert and made generally in every homes of South India for any small occasion.

Make this recipe and treat your guest with mouthwatering dessert.


1. Rava :1 cup (roasted in a tsp of ghee)

2. Sugar :3/4 - 1 cup (deponding upon howmuch sweetness you like)

3. Cashwenuts,Dry grapes :as needed

4. Ghee :as needed

5. little color powder

6. Water or milk: 3 cups


1. Pour 3 cups of water (or Milk) in thick bottom pan

2. Add pinch of Kerasi color powder

3. When water(or milk) boils start adding rava by stirring continuously

4.Once rava gets cooked in the milk add sugar

5. When it is cooked add ghee and stirr continuously in low flame till ghee seperates on top

6. Roast Cashnewnuts,drygrapes (raisins) in another pan and add to rava mixture

7. Serve hot


If you don't have Rava try with Vermicelli.Super dooper Semiya/Vermicelli Kesari is ready


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous vanitha said...

we tried kesari and it was really delicious!

At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I make kesari in the microwave. It is fast. Taste is excellent too.



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