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My Grandma's place is a very small village named Palappampatti.Once in every year we (people of that village ) used to goto KODUMUDI and bring theertham from there to do pooja for Godesses Kaliamman .On that day those who are going to take theeram will do fasting from morning till that Pooja got over in the evening. I also used to do fasting. That time my Grandma used to tell me its no harm taking food with out salt.I used to say no..no.....So,she used to prepare me AVAL recipe Since I said no..no.. to that also , she convienced me that itz a food which will be taken during fasting , soI had it .Since she used to make her aval recipe as round balls I named it as "Aval Ladoo".

This canbe considered as a very good recipe for kids since it is easy to chew and won't get choaked.

Aval is also known as Poha, Rice flakes etc.So we can say this recipe as "Poha ladoo", "Riceflakes ladoo "etc (in whatever way you want).


1. Aval :1 cup

2. Sugar :1/4 cup

3. Grated coconut :1/4 cup

4. Roasted cashewnuts for decoration


1. Add water to aval and drain the water and keep aside for five minutes so that it will become soft

2. Add sugar and coconut to it and mix well and make round balls.

3. Decorate ladoo's with cashnewnuts


Dry grapes (Raisins) also can be used for decoration.


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