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My daughter Yoksha won't allow be to watch TV. She always keeps on changing the channels. She won't allow ot browse or do something in laptop too.She wants to see her videos and playhouse disney in laptop.So I started listening to online Radio's .This recipe I got from Meriana Tamil Alaiyosai.Daily at 7 pm "samaikkalam vanga " Program by Deepa Vishvaswaran is there.From the program I got this recipe.I tried out and it came out good.


1. Basmati Rice : 1 cup

2. Mint :1 bunch

3.Cilantro : for garnishing

4.Onions :1

5.Ginger-garlic paste :1 tsp

6.green Chillies :4

7.Coconut grated : 3 tsp

(Carrots,beans,peas,cauliflowers) :1 cup

9.Salt to taste

10.Cinnamon :1 piece

11.Cloves :1 no

12.Bay leaf :2 Nos

13.Butter/Ghee/oil :3 tbsp


1.Soak Basmati Rice in water for on hour then dain the rice and fry it for 5 mins in low flame.

2.Pour oil in tava and add cinnamon,cloves,bayleaves one by one

3.Add onions(length wise cutted) and fry till it becomes brown

4.Add gingergarlic paste and fry

5.Add cutted vegetables and fry

6.Grind coconut,greenchilli and mint leaves into fine paste and add

7.Add little water and salt

8.Keep rice,one and a half cup water and fried things together in rice cooker

9.when it is done garnish it with corriander leaves.


Soak rice in rice in water for half an hour then drain it and fry the rice in dry tavaThis will help the rice to come lengthy(will not break) when it is cooked.


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